Surrogate Care

Surrogate Care

We are proud to introduce our surrogacy support team. The physical and emotional well-being of our surrogates is SCI Healthcare’s number one priority. We have more than 30 staff dedicated solely to our surrogate mothers physical and emotional health, happiness and comfort. Our surrogate mothers and their families are part of the SCI family.

SCI Healthcare’s surrogate mothers with the surrogate home team leader Mrs Beena Devi (in orange).

SCI families sharing a meal at the surrogate apartments.

Surrogates accommodation

SCI Healthcare provides accommodation for all surrogates enrolled in our program. Upon acceptance into our program each surrogate is allocated an apartment. Most surrogate mothers move into our apartments prior to treatment and live at the apartments after embryo transfer.

SCI Healthcare’s social workers from left to right: Sangeeta, Sunita, Renu, Jyoti, Shobha, Priya, Shalu and Trisha.

SCI Healthcare social workers

A team of social workers, coordinators and caretakers either live at the surrogate accomodation or visit every day to assist our surrogate mothers with their every need. Social workers deliver each surrogate mother and her family a supply of fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, juice and milk every second day.

They ensure surrogates are taking prescribed medications, daily supplements to support pregnancy and are getting proper rest. Our social workers also provide assistance to our surrogate mothers’ families whenever there is need.

Social workers accompany our surrogates to their medical appointments, physical health check-ups, scans and on social outings. A team of drivers escort our surrogates when they leave the apartments.
SCI Healthcare does not separate families
Surrogates with young children are allocated larger apartments so children can stay with their mothers. In this case a female family member also stays to care for the children. Our surrogate mothers have their children, husband, and family members visit.
Who pays for the surrogate mother’s accommodation?

Intended parents pay for all accommodation, food, and healthcare for their surrogate and her family as part of the basic surrogacy package. SCI healthcare also provides additional care for families which can include payments for children going to kindergarten or school, supporting a relative through a illness, or financial assistance with education for children. Our surrogates and their families continue to be supported for at least three months after baby is born. Once a surrogate comes into our care, she and her family are part of the SCI Family, for life.

Dr. Sunita Verma during her consultation of a pregnant surrogate mother.

Surrogate team administration

Mr. Saurabh Kumar (Third Party Agency)

Mr. Saurabh Kumar is the management leader for the team that is primarily responsible for the recruitment of surrogate mothers and egg donors. Mr. Kumar offers practical and emotional support and ensures that surrogates and egg donors have all their needs met during the initial stages of treatment, during pregnancy and after treatment has ceased. He liaises with surrogates, donors and their families, our social workers, psychologist and surrogate coordinators. Saurhab has been with SCI Healthcare since its inception.

Mr. Saroj Kumar Singh

Saroj ensures Isis Hospital’s Sci IVF Hospital is well-stocked with all medications needed for our surrogates and donors. He is responsible for all purchasing.

Mr.Chandan Kumar Jha

Mr. Jha is the accountant who is the team member of Mr. Saurabh. He takes care for the payment of surrogate mothers & donors.

Ms. Mamta Panwar (Senior Assistant)

Mamta coordinates our surrogate’s appointments with consulting medical specialists. She ensures appointments are booked with obstetricians, counsellors, and other medical specialists. She follows up test results and ensures they are given to our administrative staff to send to clients.

Mr. Vishal Vikram

Mr. Vikram coordinates with surrogate mothers & donors for their routine medical check-ups and ultrasounds. He attends to surrogates needs.

Ms. Swati Kashyap  Assistant

Swati handles filing system of surrogate mothers & update on daily basis with the tests reports including blood test, urin tests & the copy of USG Scans.

Ms. Rimjhim Arora

She works with Kavita & maintains surrogate mother & donors’ legal files. She also rechecks all the Identity Proofs given by SM & donors.

Mr. Ashish Kumar

He assists Kavita & Rimjhim to collect the document & other important papers as required.

Transport Services For SCI Surrogate Mothers

We have a “go to” team of Thesaurus with four members. They all are available 24*7.

Mr. Sundar Thapa

He assists admitted surrogate mothers.

Mr. Jai Ram

He assists our surrogate mothers & donors for their routine ultrasound scans.

“SCI Thesaurus with their allotted vehicles”