Support Team

Secretarial Team

SCI Healthcare is proud of every staff member and the individual contribution they make to our organisation. Staff are selected for their dedication to excellence, diligence, hard work and understanding of the life-changing role they play in the lives of our clients. We are proud to introduce our administrative and client services team.Our secretarial team work together to provide prompt replies to queries & support during initial treatment & ongoing pregnancies. They work from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm. We do not wish to put any of our intended parents or patients on hold or waiting that is why our secretarial team take prompt immediate action. Dr. Shivani’s secretarial team work from the same mail ID i.e,

Lalit Verma  Senior Secretarial Assistant

Lalit assist all our patients very promptly. He organizes treatment and appointment schedules, and assists our international client managers with scheduling treatment for new clients. He sends results of medical tests and liaises with our medical team and clients regarding updates on the health of surrogates.

Legal Team

When you have enrolled your treatment with SCI Healthcare, Ms. Jyoti will assist you for the legal responsibilities such as preparing the agreement with Surrogate Mother, consent form or any other legal papers ( as per embassy requirements ). She works with the mail ID i.e,

Ms. Jyoti Kapoor – Liaison Manager

Jyoti is the senior assistant to SCI Healthcare’s in-house lawyer Mr. Singh. She assists clients with queries related to legal agreements and paper work, prepares legal documents for clients and ensures all paperwork necessary for clients to obtain citizenship for their baby is in order.

Accounting team

SCI has a team of three senior members who handles SCI Accounts Departments as below :
1. Mr. Gaurav Rathi
2. Mr. Prince Kumar
3. Mr. Mohan Prakash Agarwal
SCI accounts team reports to Dr. Vishal Dutt Gour.

Mr. Gaurav Rathi : Chartered Accountant

Gourav is SCI Healthcare’s senior accounts manager. He is the registered Charted Accountant. He has been working with SCI Healthcare since its inception. Gourav will put you in touch with the expenses involved for treatment. He will also keep you updated with the accounts sheet of your treatment stage by stage. He is the key person who gives the confirmation on the receipt of your payment. If you have any query related to your accounts, please feel free to write him.

Mr. Prince Kumar: Assistant Account Manager

Prince is SCI Compliance Accountant. He handles legal responsibilities of SCI accounts such as TDS, return for Surrogate mother.

Mr. Mohan Prakash Agarwal: Assistant Accounts Manager

Mr. Mohan deals with petty cash, salary section & external agencies. He also assists Mr. Gaurav Rathi in his day to day work.


Housekeeping & Pantry Staff

Avdesh Kumar

He is in the office from 10am to 10pm. He serves lunch, tea, coffee and water to staff.



Outdoor Entrance -SCI Clinic

This is where your journey with SCI Healthcare begins. All of our management team and administrative staffs located in SCI Clinic. Everyone enters our doors with hopes for a family and we are proud that we are able to help them.

Reception -SCI Clinic

Our Receptionist always greets our Intended Parents and guests with a warm welcome !!

Waiting Lounge

Our comfortable and cheerful Waiting Lounge. Many times you will hear laughter and joy as our Intended Parents often sit with new parents and their babies and share their SCI experiences. New friendships often begin in this space.

Our Secretarial Team at work 


       It is wonderful to put faces with names of the staff with whom you communicate during this beautiful journey. Our dedicated team works with prompt efficiency.

Time for legal work

time-for-legal-work This is the office where all legal agreements are signed. Our Legal liaison officer organizes the same for you. Your meeting with the SCI Lawyer and your surrogate meeting will take place in this space.



Surrogate waiting area

surrogate-waiting-area We provide comfortable & satisfactory high class environment to our surrogate mothers. Our surrogates wait here for their turn for regular checkups and visits with the doctor.