SCI IVF Hospital & Multispeciality Centre

The past few years has seen rapid growth of SCI Healthcare as a growing number of clients from around the world seek IVF and surrogacy treatment. Due to the demand for our services, IVF and embryology treatment needed to be brought under the management of SCI Healthcare, and SCI IVF Hospital was born.

SCI IVF Hospital is a brand new multi-specialty IVF centre spread over 500 sqm in Kailash Colony, south of New Delhi. The Hospital is located in walking distance from SCI Healthcare’s new administrative office near the Delhi Metro Station in Kailash Colony, an upscale neighbourhood in South Delhi.

SCI IVF Hospital facilities

SCI IVF Hospital boasts of a brand new state-of-the art operating theatre, embryology laboratory, consulting rooms and four patient rooms. Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour and her team of medical professionals now perform all medical treatment, including donor and surrogate preparation, injections, scans, physical and pregnancy health checks, egg collections, embryology and embryo transfer, at SCI IVF Hospital.

m-6 SCI IVF Hospital waiting room.

m-7 Thank you cards from clients around the world provide hope and encouragement to new clients of SCI IVFHealthcare.

m-12  SCI IVF Hospital nurse’s station.

m-11Consulting rooms branch of the hall way to SCI IVF Hospital’s IVF complex.


SCI IVF Hospital’s operating theatre is brand new and fully-equipped for staff to handle any medical emergency.









Voluson730 is the latest in high-end scanning equipment. It is used in the operating theatre to guide our fertility consultant with egg collection and embryo transfer. 

Nursing Staff

Ms. Saramma K V. - Head Nurse of OT

Ms. Sudha Binu - Staff Nurse

Ashwathi - Staff Nurse

Ms. Geetha T. Das - Head

Ms. Pasang Phentok - Staff Nurse

Jisha Sunil - Staff Nurse

Ms. Khupngaihmawi Kamzathang - Staff Nurse

Ms. Thuam Biak Kim - Staff Nurse

Mercy - Staff Nurse

Ms. Kalsang Wangmo - Staff Nurse

Ms. Man Khual Ching - Staff Nurse

Valsala - Staff Nurse

SCI IVF Hospital administrative team


Ms. Urmi Bardhan, MA, B-ED, PGDM
(Hospital Management)

SCI Healthcare is delighted to have the expertise of Ms. Urmi Bardhan as administrative-in-charge at SCI Healthcare. Ms. Urmi has many years experience in effectively running and managing IVF hospitals. She is experienced in dealing with national and international patients, is knowledgeable about IVF procedures and sensitive to clients’ undertaking treatment. Smooth functioning of SCI IVF Hospital with a focus on patient care is her prime objective. Ms. Urmi is passionate about her work and considers SCI Healthcare her second home.


ritika Ms. Ratika Bhadoria (Assistant to Ms. Urmi Bardhan)

She assists Ms. Urmi as well as handles general admin work of SCI Healthcare. She takes care of the stock ( stationary, printing, housekeeping & pantry, vendors’ billing ) required by the whole staff.