Sci IVF Lab

SCI IVF Hospital – a unit of SCI Healthcare – provides clients with the latest in medical expertise and technology. Our embryology team has decades of experience with all facets of IVF and embryology, and enjoys a higher than average success rate. Some 75 per cent of our donor/surrogacy clients have a positive pregnancy result on their first try, more than 90 per cent achieve pregnancy with a second try. Very few clients need to try more than twice. Our self-cycling clients are achieving pregnancy more often, where, previous IVF treatment has failed. SCI IVF Hospital pregnancy success rates compare favourably or surpass those achieved by IVF clinics worldwide.

SCI IVF Hospital offers clients the latest in state-of-the-art medical equipment and expertise

Spindle view technology

Security screening of eggs, sperm and embryos

SCI IVF Hospital

K-systems workstation

Intracytoplasmic injection

Assisted laser hatching

SCI IVF Hospital embryology team

Operating theatre team

Mrs. Saraswati Gupta

Devender Kumar

Neonatal Nurse