Guaranteed Pregnancy And Live Birth Package

Total Package – INR 15,00,000/- (Rs. Fifteen Lac Only)

This is a guaranteed plan ensuring live birth beyond 24 weeks.

Plan is confirmed after reviewing reports and is only for cycles with donor eggs from our associated ART Banks. Charges for premium donor eggs are not included in the package.

Intended Parent commits to minimum of 4 IVF cycles with multiple embryo transferred in each cycle.

If pregnancy and live birth beyond 24 weeks is not achieved in 4 IVF Cycles the entire Stage 1 payment will be refunded.

Stages of Payments

Premature Delivery before 24 weeks

Should a surrogate mother miscarry or child dies before birth in or before 24 weeks of pregnancy. The intended parent will be obligated to make Stage 2 payments for the new pregnancy. Stage 1 payments for the IVF process will not be charged and will be part of the package.

Preterm Delivery

In case of preterm delivery the NICU charges are separate and not covered in the package. These have to be paid directly to the hospital. The charges range from 12000/- per day to 20,000/- per day depending on the nature care. (These charges` figures are a guideline and may vary in special circumstances)